Photo by Henrique Almeida – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)

To promote culture in a broad way – by producing and disseminating programs and projects – is the guiding principle informing SeCArtE’s actions.

The Office of Culture, Arts and Sports (SeCArtE) is a central administrative body responsible for promoting and developing culture, art and sports at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

Established in 2008 – by splitting the former Prorectorate for Culture and Outreach – SeCArte develops activities under the mission of formulating, implementing and managing cultural and artistic actions in a dialogue with the academic community. These actions in turn enhance the production and experience of culture on UFSC campuses.

Guided by such mission, the Office of Culture, Arts and Sports’ actions are aimed at accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Transforming UFSC into a relevant center for art production and experimentation;
  • Stimulating arts teaching, production and research on all UFSC campuses;
  • Promoting the integration between the university and society by transforming UFSC into a disseminating center of arts and culture;
  • Promoting and preserving the university’s material and immaterial cultural heritage;
  • Revitalizing UFSC’s cultural spaces;
  • Ensuring cultural diversity.

The responsibilities of SeCArtE are:

  • foster art and culture in and from the University, by producing, researching, teaching and disseminating;
  • raise the awareness of the university community and its managers to the importance of art and culture for the building of a more cultivated and inclusive society;
  • contribute to a comprehensive education that increases the students’ cultural repertoire through the engagement in cultural extracurricular activities;
  • incorporate culture and arts to the teaching, research and outreach activities;
  • promote the access to cultural production and endeavors through democratic and transparent public calls and selection processes, ensuring compliance with the existing law in the granting of financial resources;
  • improve the quality of the University’s cultural and artistic production;
  • guarantee the conservation of the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the University, safeguarding its material and immaterial assets;
  • revitalize the cultural spaces at UFSC and create new ones;
  • articulate cultural policies with other administrative and teaching bodies of the University, creating partnerships and networks;
  • promote, with other national and international universities, the exchange and dissemination of culture produced in the University, extending its artistic and cultural creations beyond the space of the University;
  • share the art and culture produced at UFSC with the external community, promoting the access to cultural projects, productions, research, workshops and events;
  • turn UFSC into a center that propagates art and culture to the state of Santa Catarina, giving emphasis to the cities in which the university campuses are located;
  • integrate the artistic and cultural activities of the University campuses;
  • extend the actions of this Office to the external community – in the cities in which the University campuses are set, as well as to other localities of the state;
  • establish consultative and participatory bodies for the formulation of cultural policies in the University, discussing strategies and ways of implementation of such policies;
  • articulate UFSC’s artistic and cultural policies with policies from other institutions and bodies, both from the civil society and the government;
  • perform other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the Rector.